About Lawyers Who Prepared Documents for the Registration with the Ministry of Justice

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The website of the Alumni Association published the results of an allegedly independent examination from a certain law firm on the results of the audit of the Ministry of Justice. Interestingly, on the one hand, this company did not consider the violations serious, and, on the other hand, the text states that this is a company that ’regularly helps the Association’. The text also says that it was prepared by someone ’Alexandre Arbuzov, partner’ - and we see exactly the same name under some protocols of the Association. Well, is it really independent? Maybe this company or this person developed the same charter, in which this company and this person have not found serious violations at present.

The answer of Yury Penov, Deputy Rector for Legal Affairs:

Indeed, the text of the opinion on the Association’s website, according to the information in the document, was prepared on behalf of Alexandre Arbuzov, a partner in the law firm Duvernois Legal.

Indeed, this person participated in the preparation of a number of documents that are posted on the Association’s website (for example, this one ), and he was also the secretary of the ’Conference’ in 2019, at which ’the version of the association’s charter was approved’. Presumably, the draft charter was also prepared under his leadership and control. As for the opinion of Alexandre Arbuzov about the insignificance of the shortcomings identified by the audit of the Ministry of Justice, then I suggest that you independently study not the opinion of the law firm, but the act of inspection of the Ministry of Justice and make your own opinion since the association itself posted this document on the website.

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