Termination of the Agreement between St Petersburg University and the Alumni Association

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Dear Alexander Vyacheslavovich,

I found out from the Minutes of the Rector’s Meeting brief overview dated 8 June 2021 that the participants of the meeting had supported the proposal of the Collegium of Honorary Professors to terminate the agreement between St Petersburg University and the St Petersburg University Alumni Association. As I can judge, the reasons for that had become issues with the Association’s Charter and some disagreements between the Association’s Board and the University’s administration. I would like to know the following.

Have I understood right that the only optimal solution to the problem is the termination of the agreement (which entails factual liquidation of the Association) and establishing the new Alumni Association?

Would it be, regarding the facts that

  • the Association unites more than 8,400 St Petersburg University’s graduates;
  • the Association enjoys long-term relationships with partners and patrons;
  • the Association awards its stipends to the master’s degree programme students;
  • the Association organises the events appealing to the university students and the public,

worth considering different solutions for the less radical settlement of the disagreements? After all, if you establish a new association, then graduates will need to re-join it. It will need to re-establish relationships with the partners and patrons — this is going to be time and effort consuming. As a St Petersburg University’s graduate, student and staff member, and a member of the Association, I would rather both the University and the Association worked out a mutually acceptable decision for the situation on the agenda.

Daniil Mamaev,
Master’s degree programme student in the main field of study ‘Advanced Mathematics’,
member of St Petersburg University Alumni Association.

The answer of Yury V. Penov, Deputy Rector for Legal Affairs:

In response to your enquiry, I would like to inform you that you can find information about the reasons entailing the termination of the Agreement of cooperation dated 26 November 2014 between the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education ’Saint Petersburg State University’ and the St Petersburg University Alumni Association in the appropriate section of the St Petersburg University’s Virtual Reception; you can also find the recent news published in the Minutes of the Rector’s Meetings.

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