The Alumni Association Fails to Comply with the Requirements of the Agreement with St Petersburg University. Why?

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Dear Yuri Vitalievich, Timur Tagirovich and all-all-all! As you probably know, there are elections going on in the Alumni Association now. But this does not negate the issues that have been overdue for a long time.
The website says that the agreement between St Petersburg University and the Association (a copy, I note, has been published), among other things, literally states the following: «To attract the attention of the general public, state authorities, local self-government, and the mass media to the activities of St Petersburg University and its initiatives.»

In this regard, it became extremely curious that there are very few mentions of the news of the university itself on the Association resources. For example, from June 2020 (sorry, I didn’t look any further) to April 2021, there are 19 news items on VK, only 9 news items in other social network accounts. During the same period, Apollinaria Avrutina (member of the Association), for example, has many more mentions of university news: VK has 38 news items, other social network accounts have more 70 news items. Although I doubt that Apollinaria Sergeevna has an agreement with the University. Can you explain this somehow? And who generally controls the Association’s compliance with the terms of the agreement? I think that the agreement with the Association should be terminated!

The answer of Yury Penov, the Deputy Rector for Legal Affairs:

Dear Ivan, thank you for your message. Indeed, Apollinaria Sergeevna does not have any agreement with the St Petersburg University binding her to promote information about it. All her posts on social networks are solely her initiative.

The St Petersburg University Alumni Association is an independent organisation. The issue of non-fulfilment of the terms of the agreement raised by you will be discussed with colleagues.

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