About the Sales of Souvenirs with the Symbols of St Petersburg University by OOO '1724' on behalf of the Alumni Association

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Dear Yury Vitalievich, against the background of the news about the termination of the agreement with the Association, many say that for a long time under the agreement NGOs were the only entities that could sell souvenirs. BUT! If you pay for a souvenir, you get a receipt, not from the ’St Petersburg University Alumni Association’, but from a certain ’1724′, Ltd. At the same time, the CEO of this private company is an employee of the Association, and he owns 75% of the company. Was this issue somehow coordinated with St Petersburg University?

The answer of Yury Penov, Deputy Rector for Legal Affairs:

In response to your inquiry, I inform you that the Alumni Association is an independent organization. Their representatives did not coordinate with St Petersburg University the issue of transferring the right to sell souvenirs with the University’s logo to third parties. The Association is bound to submit reports to the University under the licence agreement. The Association did not submit such reports.

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