Expulsion from the Alumni Association for Violations of the University’s Code of Ethics. Will It Happen?

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Last autumn, a meeting of the Ethics Commission heard the case of Professor Alexandr Storozhuk, who had been slandered by a university graduate, accusing him of harassment (two years after her graduation). The Commission’s published decision stated that an appeal had been made to expel from membership those who had been ruled in breach of the the Internal Rules of Conduct of Saint Petersburg State University Students by the Ethics Commission. Could you clarify what response came from the Association? Has the graduate been expelled?

The answer of Vladimir Eremeev, Vice-Rector for Human Resources:

Thank you for contacting us. In response, I inform you that the decision of the Ethics Commission was sent to the Alumni Association on 18 November 2020. On 29 December 2020, a response was received from the President of the Alumni Association Andrey Yakunin, which advised that the Alumni Association Board would consider putting the issue of the expulsion procedure applicability on the agenda of the delegates’ conference.

Unfortunately, as of 01 June 2021, no response has been received from the Association.

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