Termination of the Agreement of Cooperation between St Petersburg University and the St Petersburg University Alumni Association

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Dear Yuri Vitalievich, I read in the minutes of the rector’s meeting that its participants supported the initiative of honorary professors to terminate the agreement with the Alumni Association. In this regard, there are two questions — has the procedure for terminating the agreement been launched? Were the representatives of the Association present at this meeting?

Answer of Yury Penov, Deputy Rector for Legal Affairs:

In response to your message, I would like to inform you that on 10 June I sent a notice of termination of the cooperation agreement to the Association. For more than a decade, the Rector’s meetings have been held openly and any member of the university community is welcome to attend. Since the dismissal of the executive director of the Association, Alexander Arkhipov (in January 2021), representatives of the organisation stopped taking part in the Rector’s meetings. Representatives of the Alumni Association were also not present at the meeting of 8 June.

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