Is the University Bound to Provide the Association with Premises?

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Dear Elena Grigoryevna, representatives of the Alumni Association claim that St Petersburg University is obliged by Agreement to provide them with premises in the building of Twelve Collegia, but there is no such clause in the published version of the Agreement. What is the basis for such an obligation on the part of St Petersburg University?

The answer of Elena Chernova, Senior Vice-Rector:

In response to your message, I inform you that St Petersburg University has no obligations to provide premises in the building of Twelve Collegia, neither to the Alumni Association nor to other NGOs. Only the Cooperation Agreement regulates cooperation between the University and this organisation.

In 2018, the acting executive director of the Association, referring to the agreement between the University and the Association, addressed to the administration of St Petersburg University with a request to grant a commercial organisation — OOO ’1724′, - the right to use the premises in the building of Twelve Collegia free of charge. Of course, such a request was not satisfied.

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