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Good evening Dmitriy V. Mikhailov,
My name is Katerina Ttikkou, second year foreign student in Saint-Petersburg State University. I am writing to you regarding to the renovation of dormitories and resettlement of students in new buildings. I currently live in the building number 20, room 803a, and according to the context the buildng is going to be renovated hence students must be accomodated in other buildings. i would like to know to whom shall i address in terms of resettlement, and also, do i have the option to choose among the rooms that are available at the moment?
Thank you in advance for reading my letter and i am looking forward to your reply!
Katerina Ttikkou

The answer of Head of Department for Maintenance and Operation of Residence Hall Dmitry Mikhaylov:

The room No. 803 of dormitory No. 20 was found temporarily unfit for accommodation and taken out of housing fund due to the deterioration of the water supply and sanitation systems in public places. According to clause 3.1.7 of the contract for hiring a specialized living accommodation between you and the University, the tenant has to move to another room provided by the University for repair period. On September 18, 2017, you already moved to room 305 of dormitory No. 8. Later, after finishing the repair in dormitory No. 20, you will be able to move back to dormitory No. 20, room No. 803 or stay in dormitory No. 8. More information about moves in dormitories due to repair work you can read here.

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