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I am Arvin Alvandi from university of Tehran and due to your international cooperation with our university, I have a question

I`m looking forward to do a part of my thesis in there but I can`t find any information about who should I email to arrangement or faculty that is relevant to my project

Do you mind if I asked you to help me with that?

Best regards

The answer of Vice Rector for Research Sergey V. Mikushev:

Dear Arvin Alvandi,

Thank you for your interest in collaboration with St Petersburg University.

In order to prepare a PhD thesis at St Petersburg University, you would need to apply for postgraduate «aspirantura» programme. Postgraduate «aspirantura» studies at St. Petersburg State University for foreign citizens can be carried out both at the expense of the federal budget and on a contractual (paid) basis. You may find more information on the «aspirantura» programmes via the link below. The following link is to the website of SPbU Admissions Committee, where you can get acquainted with the admission procedure for the foreign citizens to SPbU.

Another option is to apply for Independent postgraduate studies. Independent postgraduate («aspirantura») studies is an affiliation of a person to St Petersburg University for up to three years to prepare a doctoral dissertation without an enrollment to «aspirantura» programmes. This form of work provides an opportunity to prepare a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of one of the leading scientists of St Petersburg University and access to the cutting-edge scientific infrastructure of St Petersburg University without passing the «aspirantura» programme. You can find detailed information about the program here.

If you would like to conduct part of your research at St Peterburg University, you may be interested in SPbU Research internship program on a fee-paying basis. You can find further information on research internship program here.

In accordance with the Protocol on students exchange between SPbU and Tehran University, you can apply for an exchange study at SPbU. For detailed information on filing applications, deadlines and forms of documents, please visit the SPbU web page.

Admission for the exchange programme is possible only upon obtaining the consent of an academic adviser from the faculty of St. Petersburg State University. The written consent of the adviser as long as the letter of nomination from Tehran University must be attached to the application.

If you have any additional questions concerning exchange programme, you can contact the International Academic Cooperation Department (contact person — Ekaterina Petryanina,

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