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Question: Respected Madam

I am a third year B.Tech. Aerospace engineering student at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology and I am writing to inquire about summer internships at St. Petersburg state university from May 2016 as a part of my B.Tech. curriculum for partial fulfillment of my degree to gain a better understanding of fundamentals and advance my ability of combining concepts with applications in engineering.
I am interested in the field of surface chemistry and applications. My secondary area of interest is manufacturing and automation. What are the finance options available for students?
I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hear from you soon.

Answer Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyk:

Following your request let us inform you of the following. As there is no partnership agreement between SPbU and Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology you can apply to an internship to SPbU on fee-paying basis. Tuition fee depends on the chosen field of studies and your individual study plan. The Department of Quantum Chemistry is most closely corresponding to your fields of interests.

You should submit your internship plan along with a copy of your travelling passport to the International Academic Cooperation Department (contact person — Serova Elena, e-mail: not later than 2 month before the proposed date of the internship beginning. With any other questions please contact SPbU International Academic Cooperation Department (e-mail: or 

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