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Question: I'm  forigner student from Thailand. In Thailand I already greduated Bacholor of Arts Major in Russian Studies. Now I would like to ask some information If I would like to apply to study in your university , 1) how can I prepare myself to do? 2) Should be pass the Russian language test in "•First level (TRKI-1) B1" or "•Second level (TRKI-2) B2" for apply to your faculty ? 3) When can I apply to study in Master degree? 4) What the document that I will prepare to apply in your faculty? 

The answer of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyuk: To study on the Faculty of sociology of Saint-Petersburg State University you could apply for Master degree programs in Russian language and Master degree programs in English. To apply for programs in Russian you should pass the exam on Russian language (TRKI-1) and on sociology. To apply for programs in English you should pass the exam on Russian language (TRKI-1), on English and on sociology.

The terms of admission, term of admission tests and the list of documents required for admission will be established in the spring 2012 (information about admission will be on the official site of Saint-Petersburg State University http://www.abiturient.spbu.ru/ in «Information for foreign citizens (in English)»). Beginning of study – from 1st of September 2012.

To apply in 2011 foreign citizens were to submit the following documents:

  • an application for the education program of the chosen level (Application Form) in the format established by the Admissions Board;
  • original certificates of education (duly legalized if necessary) and transcripts (if the latter is provided for by the laws of the country issuing the said certificates of education), recognized in the Russian Federation as equivalent to state-issued qualification documents, or their duly authorized copies;
  • a duly authorized Russian translation of the foreign certificate of education and transcript;
  • a copy of the identity documents of the foreign national in the Russian Federation under Article 10 of the Federal Law № 115-FZ “Оn the legal status of foreign applicants in the Russian Federation» of 25.07.2002;
  • for foreign applicants arriving in the Russian Federation on an entry visa, a copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation specifying study in SPSU as the purpose of their visit to the Russian Federation;
  • a copy of the migration card;
  • a certificate confirming the applicant’s familiarity with the Residence Regulations for Foreign applicants in the Russian Federation;
  • 6 (six) photographs (3х4 cm, made during the current calendar year).You could also get some information about admission on http://www.abiturient.spbu.ru/ in «Information for foreign citizens (in English)».


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