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Question: Dear Sir/Ma'am, 
I graduated my Bachelors degree from Baku, Azerbaijan. My English level is B2, but unfortunately I have not appeared for IELTS certificate yet. I would like to get admission in Faculty of Management in English at your University. Could you please inform me about what are the requirements for that and how can I apply ? I would really appreciate your kind assistance. 
Thank you.

The answer of Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyk:

Thank you for your letter.

International applicants can be admitted to SPbU both to places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis and to places funded by the Russian Government (Scholarship includes tuition fee and academic scholarship).

Admission information for the 2016 academic year about places funded by the Russian Government is published at the web-site of the University.

Applicants are supposed to take part in portfolio competition, write motivational letter and essay. Essay topic are published at the official web-site of the University.

Information about places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis is available here.

Here you may find additional information about exams.

Candidates willing to apply for Master’s program in Management have to pass 3 exams: Management and Business English (GMAT model); English (TOEFL model); Business Communications.

Tuition fee for the program may vary and depends of the program. Information about tuition fees are published at the web-site of the University.

You also need to submit Diploma of your previous education with legalization with diploma's notarized transcript (it should be notarized in Russia or in Russian embassy). You also should have an application for Admission to an educational program, copy of an identity document with the indication of nationality and photographs 3 x 4 (4 pieces), made during the calendar year. A list of full requirement you may find here.

If you will need any further information please do not hesitate to contact International Admissions Office of the University by e-mail:

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