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Question: Hello, I would like to take an intensive Russian language course for one month this April. I prefer group lessons, and I think I am at an upper intermediate level. Are there any lessons available at this time? Thank you for your help!

The answer of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyuk: Thank you for your letter to Saint-Petersburg State University.

Saint-Petersburg State University offers practical courses of Russian as a Foreign Language for foreign citizens. Russian language programmes vary in level, duration, intensity and professional focus.

Instruction is held either in groups or individually.
•    The fee for an intensive Russian language course in a group (10-12 students in a group) per week is 196 USD. There are 28 academic hours per week.
•    The fee for a standard Russian language course in a group (10-12 students in a group) per week is 140 USD. There are 20 academic hours per week.

Our Russian language lessons are spent all year round, so that you may choose the term and period of your tuition.

This is official site of the RLCI
The following steps are required to apply for the Russian language course:
1.   Fill in the following application form
2.    Attach the scanned page of your passport with photo if you need the invitation.
If you stay in Russia less than 90 days, the invitation process takes 2 weeks.
This is official e-mail address for apply: info@rlci.spbu.ru

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