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Question: I am an Iranian. I like to study in your university. My major is microbiology (B.S diploma). Can i study in chemistrey major? When can i request? How can i request?

The answer of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyuk: Admission of foreign applicants to Saint Petersburg State University (SPbU) is subject to the Regulations for Admission of Foreign Applicants to Main Programmes of Higher Professional Education at Saint Petersburg State University for the relevant year. These Regulations can be found at the official website of SPbU Admissions Committee

To be enrolled onto a main educational programme at SPbU you will have to do the following. 

I. Choose a programme you are interested in.

You can find the list of programmes onto which applicants will be admitted in 2012 at SPbU official website (see the Admissions Committee’s page). The list and modes of admissions tests as well as the 2012 Regulations for Admission of Foreign Applicants to Main Programmes of Higher Professional Education at Saint Petersburg State University can also be found on this page. The above-mentioned information will be available within a period specified by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (on or prior to February 1, 2012).

Your intended main field of study (major) at SPbU does not have not be the same as the one you have got a degree in in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

II. Obtain your qualifications equivalence certificate.

According to Russian Federal Law No. 125-ФЗ “On University-Level Professional Education” (Article 23, Paragraph 2), the equivalence of foreign university-level qualifications  means that the respective governmental bodies of the Russian Federation grant the holders of such certificates the same academic and/or professional rights that they grant to the holders of Russian state-recognised documents of university-level education. 

 When you apply for taking part in the competition you will have to submit your original educational credentials and supplements  (if the latter are specified by the laws of the state that issued your educational credentials) legalised in accordance with the established procedure. These documents must be considered equivalent by the laws of the Russian Federation to state-recognised educational credentials issued in Russia. Another way is to submit certified copies of the above-mentioned documents instead of their originals. You will also have to submit a certified Russian translation of your educational credentials and supplements.

To learn more about the conditions and procedure of obtaining a qualifications equivalence certificate for documents issued by a foreign state please visit, the official website of the Primary State Centre for Expert Evaluation of Education (“Glavexpertcentre”) which is a Russian federal state-financed research institution authorised by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service (Rosobrnadzor) to recognise the equivalence of foreign university-level educational credentials within the Russian Federation. 

III. Make a decision in what type of competition you will take part to be admitted to master’s studies at SPbU.

You may apply either within an admission quota set by the Russian Government (Order No. 638 as of August 25, 2008 “On Cooperation with Foreign Countries in the Sphere of Education”) or on the fee-paying (contractual) basis. 

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