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Question: Dear Sir, I have found about the Hungarian Studies at your college on the internet. I don't know whether I am sanding my letter to the correct person or not, but please allowe me to introduce myself. I have finished the University in 2010 at Veszprém as a philologist and teacher (MA) in hungarian language and literature. After the school I was about to find a job even though the crisis was just hopped out of the blue and got us a big handicap. I lectorated books and articles, than I joined the Hungarian Army. I used to be a member of the Hungarian Special Forces (25/88 KVZ) as a quickreaction soldier. But I quit. My artickle is about to be published in any time. It is (without question) about Dostoevsky's art. A class was tought by me at the Veszprém (Pannon) University about Foucault, Dostoevsky, Bakhtin... I don't have an PhD but I would like to get this degree at anywhere in the world but here in Hungary. Please let me know what is the procedure to apply for a job at your University as a possible hungarian language teacher. I am goint to have my C1 english language exam in the summer (I have a B2 already), I have a B1 in german language, I can speak a bit in russian (but of course, I am going to learn this in my free time to do a B2 language exam) and a bit portuguese. But this last two are just in the 'survival level' now.Thank you for your help! I am waiting for reply!

The answer of Vice-Rector for Asian and African Studies, Arts and Philology Sergey I. Bogdanov:

Dear Sir, Having considered your letter the Chair of Finno-Ugric Studies of St. Petersburg State University is bound to inform you that for the time being our Chair does not offer any vacancies to lecturers of Hungarian language since this type of vacancy can only be filled through the competition announced by the Balassi Intézet and a perspective candidate is required to have a valid PhD and a B in Russian language (preferably a C in Finnish too).Thank you for your inquiry and good luck wiith you studies, Yours sincerily.

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