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Good afternoon, i’d like to ask that I’m still studying in the fourth grade of university. Meanwhile applying for your master program, I found that i have to write a file which is Анкета об участии в конкурсе. But I won’t recieve my diploma till June. Under this situation, can I still apply for your master degree? If yes, what kind if documents should I upload. Thank youbfor your answers.

Sincerely yours, Sun, Tsu-Wei

The answer of Aleksandr Babich, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Admissions:

Thank you for your letter and interest to Saint-Petersburg State University!

According to Regulations for an Open Competition Among International Applicants, Stateless Citizens and Compatriots Residing Abroad to Obtain State Scholarships to Study at St Petersburg University in 2020, you may submit «a statement from an educational organisation implementing bachelor and specialist degree programmes or their equivalents, where the applicant is studying at the moment of his/her submission of the application for competition. This statement shall contain information of the level of the educational programme he/she is studying, the expected date of the end of training, presence or absence of final assessment and its form, academic performance according to the results of the previous interim assessment with grades for subjects (disciplines) obtained during all semesters of study».

If you will need any further information please do not hesitate to contact International Admissions Office of the University by e-mail:

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