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Question: Hello Respected Sir.
My names isKhubab Khan and I am from Pakistan. I was looking to apply for further studies in Russia and I came to know that i have to pass a course of Russian Language, and that your university is offering Russian Language course program. I would like to know more about it . I would like to know that how do I apply for this program and what is the exact fee and duration of this program and any other details you can provide me about this program. 
Looking forward for your kind reply,

The answer of Acting for Head of Admission Directorate  Denis V. Zhukov:

Thank you for your letter!

If you want to join Russian language courses detailed information you may find at the official web-site of the University:

Institute of Russian language and Culture:

Tel: +7 (812) 327-79-55


Application on-lane is also available:

Admission is possible during the whole year. Tuition fee may vary with the reference to the program you want to join.

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