Am I Russian on foreigner for admission to Master Program?

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Question: Dear Ekaterina,
Zdravstvuyte! My name is Alina Shoparova and I am a Russian Citizen but I have been living İn Turkey since 1998.( I was 6 when we moved to Turkey) I can fluently speak in Russian but I am very poor in writing. I study at Uludag University and my department is English Language Teaching. It is my last year of undergraduate education and I really would like apply to a masters degree at SPSU. My question is; since I finished high school here and will also finish undergratuate degree here in Turkey, am I considered as a foreign student during my application or a Russian Citizen ?
Alina Shoparova

The answer of Acting for Head of Admission Directorate  Denis V. Zhukov:

Thank you for your letter.

As a Russian citizen residing abroad you have the following variants to apply to Saint-Petersburg State University:

Along with all Russian citizens to the places founded by Russian Government. The Regulations for admission and all information about admission procedure is available at the official web-site. Admission is carried out on the basis of entrance examinations.Here you may find the List of Master programs and information about exams.

Along with all Russian citizens to the places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis.  The additional information about exams you may find here.

Tuition fee for the Masters program may vary and depends of the program. Information about tuition fees are published on the web-site of the University. Tuition fees for the coming academic year will be published at the web-site before the 1st of June 2016.

In accordance with the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 891 as of October 8, 2013 «On Establishing an Education Quota for Foreign Nationals and Stateless Citizens in the Russian Federation» as a Russian citizen residing abroad.  Detailed information about The Open Competition Among International Applicants, Stateless Citizens and Compatriots Residing Abroad to Obtain State Scholarships to Study at SPbUin 2016 will be published at the official web-site of the University in April 2016.Admission information for the 2015 academic year about places funded by the Russian Government is published at the web-site of the University:

If you will need any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact International Admissions Office by e-mail:, or by phone: (812) 328-32-91.

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