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Question:Excuse me. Is the programe of PHD of law by english language or not?

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The answer of Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs Marina Y. Lavrikova:

I would like to inform you that   current  information  on  the basic educational programs to which St. Petersburg State University organizes  admission, is posted on the official website of St. Petersburg State University in the section "Admission to St. Petersburg State University." Information about additional educational programs implemented in field of  law  is also posted on the official website of St. Petersburg State University.

Implementation of the first  LLM program, an additional postgraduate educational program, is planned in 2016. The program will be aimed at training  lawyers, who provide support to business  in foreign economic activity. The program will include three modules: Russian corporate law, comparative corporate law  and  a  module of  practical training and preparation of final  qualifying work.

This program is expected  to be taught  in Russian.

However, taking into account the dynamics of replenishment "portfolio" of both basic and additional educational programs of St. Petersburg State University,   in the near future the development and implementation of  the LLM program, which will be taught  in a foreign language, can not be excluded. Follow the information about   admission to  St. Petersburg State University on the official website of St. Petersburg State University in the relevant sections.

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