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Question: On the website of the Russian embassy in Germany I found a very attractive language programme, and I would like to participate in the language course at the St Petersburg State University.
2 years ago, I already travelled for 3 weeks in Russia and love the possibility to fully emerge into the Russian culture! However, I skipped St. Petersburg on that trip and want to take the opportunity now!
It is not clear to me how flexible I can join language courses. I am available from 7 September to 30 November and have basically no prior knowledge (only reading the letters and trying to pronounce them half successfully). I will arrange accommodation by myself, unless you recommend an affordable option (e.g. student dorms).

The answer of  Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs Marina Y. Lavrikova:  Thank you for your interest in our University. At the moment Saint-Petersburg State University has active course “Russian as foreign language” at its subdivision - Russian Language and Culture Institute..
For more information about learning environments, as well as contact information, please visit this page.

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