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Question: i am happy to only do the preparatory course of russian language: 10 months questions: 1/ can i do that only?
2/ how much is the preparatory course of russian?
3/what are the entry requirements to apply for the preparatory russian langiage course?
4/ how much is the dormitory , cheapest kind of accomodation
5/how can i apply?
6/ when does the course start?
7/ how do i do the student visa?
8/ will you send me an invitation letter at my u.k adress?
9/ do i get an airport pick up
10/ who will take me to the dormitory when i arrive in russia?
please email me as soon as possible, can i just do the russian preparatory russian language course at your university?

The answer of Vice-Rector of Academic and Methodological Affairs Marina Lavrikova: All foreign citizens who decided to study the Russian language can take the Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) programs at the SPBU Russian Language and Culture Institute. There are both possibilities to study Russian language only and to continue your education at full-time programs at SPBU after completion this course. The standard program of Russian language for group classes is intended for students, beginning to study language, and consists of 20 academic hours per week, Monday through Friday (1 academic hour = 45 minutes). Each group consists of 8-12 persons. Price for tuition in groups is: 7USD per 1 academic hour, 140 USD per week. You may start this course in September or January.

Main requirement to apply for Russian language program is that individual must be at least 18 years old. Trainees aged from 14 to 18 can be accepted only within a group (comprising no less than 6 persons) and accompanied by adult. 

To enroll to preferred course applicant has to fill in the application form at APPLY NOW section. Note that minimal term for tuition is 3 weeks. 

We provide accommodation in a dormitory for all foreign students that costs from 125 USD per month per person. The Russian Language and Culture Institute provides full visa support as well. You must decide the duration of your study at Saint Petersburg State University. They will mail you a letter of invitation via express post DHL/or another service (delivered within 3-5 days) if you make a correspondent request. Please, pay attention that it takes 5-6 weeks to arrange a letter of invitation. On the base of this invitation you can obtain student visa in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country.

What concerns meeting at the airport and taking to the dormitory it is possible if you make an order before coming to Saint-Petersburg.

More information you can find on the official web-site.

If you have any question regarding Russian language programs, please, contact the Russian Language and Culture Institute or +7 812 3277955.


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