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Dear staff,
This message aims to ask the following question:
I would like to know if, for the coming academic year, international students will be able to travel to Russia to take offline lectures. If so, what are the legal procedures to get the visa, accommodation and all the documentations?

Dear staff,
This message aims to request to change the language of the information you provide me with from Russian to English. Currently, the whole information you send me through email is in Russian, since I am a foreign student, I do not understand most of the information.
I would be really glad if you share the information in English.
With kind regards,
Evelyn Gonzalez

The answer of Marina Lavrikova, Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Activities and Teaching Methods:

Dear Ms Gonzalez,

Due to the current epidemiological situation, since 01 September 2020 classes at the University have been carried out in a mixed format combining traditional contact hours, a distance learning format and a hybrid form. The beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year and the form of the academic process will depend on the epidemiological situation in Russia and, in particular, in St Petersburg.

For additional information on the teaching and learning process you may consult the deputy head of the Academic Affairs Department in the appropriate field of study.

Please note that the decision on the possibility of entry into the Russian Federation and issuance of an invitation is made not by the University but by the appropriate government authority.

In accordance with Order of the Russian Government No. 639-r dated 16 March 2021, a special procedure for the entry of foreign students into the Russian Federation study purposes has been established. Citizens of foreign countries with a low prevalence of COVID-19 may enter the territory of the Russian Federation for study purposes. These countries are listed in Appendix No. 1 to Order of the Russian Government No. 639-r dated 16 March 2021. That list is updated based on the decisions of the emergency response centre to prevent the import and spread of the novel coronavirus disease in the Russian Federation.

In this regard, special Guidelines on the current procedure for the entry of foreign students into Russian Federation have been developed by SPbU. The information will be updated as new countries «open».

For additional information about being issued an invitation you may consult Head of the Passports and Visas Department Nataliya Egorova, phone: + 7 (812) 363 64 04 (3721), e-mail: n.l.egorova@spbu.ru.

SPbU students are provided accommodation in the University halls of residence in accordance with the Regulation on the provision of accommodation at the St Petersburg University halls of residence. For accommodation details please visit this page of the SPbU website.

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