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Question: Greetings, I'm an undergraduate student studying Russian at University of Copenhagen and I have been offered an exchange period at Saint Petersburg university spring 2017 through this program: I'm going with option 2) 12 AH per week (6 classes) at the host faculty + 8 AH per week of free Russian language course. I have considered the faculty of economics since I'm interested in combining my russian with business related subjects. The thing is I can't see the course catalogue on their website and I have not received any anwsers to my mails I sent three weeks ago to these addresses: "" and "". I wanted to ask the dean of the faculty directly, but his webpage doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm just out too early regarding the availability of the course catalogue, but if you know anything or anyone who can help me out it would be nice.
Best regards Albert Mathias Nederland.
PS. The link contains the document that proves the agreement in Danish and in English.

The answer of Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyk:

Thank you for your interest in exchange studies at Saint-Petersburg University. Following your request let us inform you that students from partner-institutions can come to SPbU as exchange ones (with tuition fee waiving).

You can find the list of courses available for exchange students on SPbU official website ( We advise you to check precisely the academic offer in Economics and Management for the courses related to your field of study. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can find courses instructed both in Russian and English.

Information about the deadlines and application procedures can be found here In case you’re applying as an exchange student, you need to submit a nomination letter from your Home University or kindly ask your international office coordinator to submit required documents on behalf of you.

With further questions please contact SPbU International Academic Cooperation Department (contact person – MsEkaterina Petryanina, incoming mobility coordinator, e-mail








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