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Question: HI. My name is Diana Medina. I'm from Colombia. I'm a doctor and I'm interesting in medical residence about Neurology. I want to know if you have any relation o agreement with "ALAR" (latin american association) and I wanna know how is the process of admition. Thanks a lot.

The answer of Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyk:

Thank you for your letter.

Clinical Residency is educational program which lasts 2 academic years and offers practical courses in the particular field. Program is offered for the holders at least Specialists Diplomas in Medicine.

Saint-Petersburg State University has no relation or agreements with “ALAR” association.
International applicants can be admitted to SPbU both to places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis and to places funded by the Russian Government.

You may apply to places funded by the Russian Government on the rights equal to the rights of RF citizens in a frame work of Federal Law No. 99-FZ “On the State Policy of the Russian Federation Concerning Compatriots Residing Abroad” as of May 24, 1999.

You may also apply to fee-paying (contractual) basis as a foreign applicant.

Detailed information about admission you may find here.

Here you may find information about exams and programs offered in 2015 academic year.

Here you may find information about tuition fees for last year (tuition fees for 2016-2017 academic year will be published before the 1st of June 2016).

You also need to submit Diploma of your previous education with legalization with diploma's notarized transcript (it should be notarized in Russia or in Russian embassy). You also should have an application for Admission to an educational program, copy of an identity document with the indication of nationality and photographs 3 x 4 (4 pieces), made during the calendar year. A list of full requirement you may find here.

Please mind that all instruction is in Russian. If you want to join Russian language courses first in order to improve your language skills, please, see information here.

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