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Question: Dear Sirs,
i am a current Master degree student in my first year of The University of the Basque Country in Cognitive science and humanities and i am very interested in an exchange program for the upcoming year but i found little information from my international office about my possibilities. I need to create a study plan of 30 ECTs, including courses related to language and communication in order to be accepted for an exchange possibility at my home town and i would appreciate any information about course offers, the application process and the deadline starting from next year.
Below you can find a link to my Master degree presentation.
thank you very much in advance.
Yours sincerely
Yana Vibe

The answer of Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyk:

There is no agreement on cooperation between SPbU and the University of the Basque Country, thus you can be accepted to Saint-Petersburg University only on fee-paying basis. The tuition fee depends on the field of studies you’re interested in. You can find the list of courses available for exchange students on SPbU official website.

I advise you to check the academic offer in Humanities and Arts, Philology and Journalism for the courses related to language and communication. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all the courses in Philology are instructed in Russian language only and the courses in Humanities and Arts and Journalism are instructed both in Russian and English.

Information about the deadlines and application procedures can be found here. In case you’re applying as a fee-paying student, you don’t need to submit a nomination letter from your University.

With further questions please contact SPbU International Academic Cooperation Department, contact person Ekaterina Petryanina, e-mail: .

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