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Question: I graduate in 1993 with 3 to 5 score system, what are the rules for the scores transcription to 100-scale?

The answer of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ekaterina Babelyuk: According to the paragraph 1 of clause 13 of the Russian Federal Law dating 10.07.1992 № 3266-1 “On Education” the grading scale of interm assessment is established by the higher educational institution Charter.

According to the paragraph 47 of SPbU Charter the advancement of students is assessed by the grades “Excellent”, “Good”, “Satisfactory”, “Fail”. For the courses and types of work which are evaluated in progress or at the end of the course by pass/fail criteria, grades “Pass” and “Fail” are set.

No other evaluation system including 100-grade system, isn’t stipulated by the SPbU Charter. The equivalence of the present evaluation system to the 100-grade evaluation system isn’t set either. Thus it isn’t possible to convert the grades that you have received into the grades from 1 to 100.


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